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CRAU Audit and Certification Process

The scope of the CRAU verification includes a comprehensive farm-to-package review of relevant processes and facilities. Depending on the species, the audit includes hatcheries; feed mills or feed sources; farms/barns or feedlots, pasture and backgrounders or finisher barns; and processing/packaging sites. The audit must document systems for proper identification and segregation of CRAU products from farm to package.

To meet the requirements of the CRAU standards, applicants must be audited through either the USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) or the USDA Quality System Assessment (QSA) Program, which are defined in the Quality Assessment Division (QAD) 1001 and the QAD 1002 procedures, respectively.  Both programs ensure that CRAU requirements are supported by a documented quality management system. To ensure conformance to the CRAU standard, audit reports are submitted to ARAC.

The following resources provide additional background on the accreditation process.

Current CRAU Programs

The following companies have USDA verified systems in conformance with the requirements of the CRAU program.